Working With a Real Estate Agent When Selling a House

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What do you need to look for when choosing a Real Estate Agent? You need to look for a good, active agent with a solid track record of sales, not just listings, although multiple listings are good as well.
It shows they are well networked which could serve you well in getting a buyer quickly.
This type of agent will work their tail off to ensure the sale of your home.
The first step, once they have the listing is to place your home on the MLS in order to get it in front of other real estate agents across the city, county, and if needed, the country and the globe.
The kind of agent you want should have a strong network and when they post your listing on the MLS, they will then be able to direct other agents and buyers to the listing.
The link to the listing can also be sent directly to agents and prospects in order to quickly increase its exposure.
This is something you will want to inquire into upfront before signing a listing agreement.
Ask your agent about their network of other agents as well as prospects.
Find out how exactly they will use the MLS specifically to market your listing as opposed to simply using it as a 'holding' spot.
Your agent should have a strong advertising connection with various media sources.
A good agent will use not only signs and flyers, but will also have a good media connection with the local newspapers, big and small, and possibly with TV, as well as some Internet publications.
Your agent should be equally as good at online marketing.
How will your home be featured online? Will it be posted on a company website, the agent's site, on social media, etc? Another big advantage of using a real estate agent is that most real estate offices have had their contracts done by a legal professional.
Much of the contract is standard, because they have to follow certain laws, but they also have legal professionals on staff or access to legal professionals should there be an unusual situation that comes about.
This is normally included in the real estate commission which is a big advantage.
If you were selling your home on your own and had to go to an attorney, you can expect to pay for their time, not only with the overall transaction but additionally should there be more extensive questions, research or paperwork.
The agent will also handle your showings, which can be good and bad depending upon the agent.
Again, discuss with your agent exactly how they want the home to be presented and shown in order to make every showing a success.
Don't guess, be specific about how the home should look, smell, what should be left out what should be put away, you should even discuss the pattern or flow of how the home will be shown.
While this can be a bit tedious for the agent, a good agent will love your investment in getting the home sold quickly and doing what it takes to make this happen.
This is your biggest investment, make sure you nurture it! The cons, when it comes to working with some real estate agents, is that they are not strong marketers, they rely too heavily on a sign in the yard, maybe one ad in the paper and the MLS listing.
You will notice I said 'some' agents because you will also find strong marketers, which is what you want.
You want to make sure that it's an agent that not only knows your area, but that they have a solid and current history of actively selling homes like yours, their average days on market and, specifically, how they're marketing.
You want an agent that's willing to actively market your property and willing to get out there in new ways.
You want them to say, "Yes, I am willing and able to do what it takes to get your home sold in the shortest amount of time for the most amount of money.
" An agent does not get paid until they sell your home, so help them get paid.
You want to make sure that the agent knows your area like the back of their hand and they actively have a list of people that they market to that want to live in your area.
What's special about your area? You and your agent should both know.
Is it a blue ribbon school district? Is it accessible to every highway within five minutes? Is it horse property? What's extra special about your property? Your agent should have a list of prospects, or know how to find one, seeking your type of home.
You also want to know your agent's specialty.
Do they specialize in a bread and butter home? Do they specialize in a Middle Income home? Do they specialize in high-end multimillion dollar homes? Once you have that information, refer to your checklist on how you and your agent can successfully work together in order to get your home sold in the shortest amount of time for the most amount of money.
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