Tending to Teeth with Goose Creek Family Dentistry

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Getting older affects the entire body and Goose Creek family dentistry may keep you informed about the state of your oral health in relation to your age. Like any part of the human body, teeth, gums, and mouth tissues go through stages of formation, strengthening, and then possible weakness during a more mature stage. People who learn to take care of their mouth and teeth at an early age and maintain their hygiene as they mature may not have to deal with too many problems later on.

Sometimes, genes may play a role. The same is true about the food we eat. The condition of your teeth at an advanced stage in your life depends on different factors that may contribute either to their care or decay as time goes by. Whatever factors may affect your oral health, good family dentistry may help you keep a bright smile even as you get older.

Taking your oral health for granted and failing to get Goose Creek family dentistry services may lead to problems. Avoid these potentially painful issues by practicing good oral hygiene every day. Use toothbrush with soft bristles and fluoride toothpaste to clean your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day. Make sure to brush especially if you have just eaten food rich in sugar. Avoid drinking sweet beverages like soft drinks if you can.

On occasions when you give in to a can of soda, wait for an hour before you brush. Just gargle with clean water after drinking the soft drink. This hour-long wait will allow your tooth enamel to adjust after the sugary and acidic drink which could potentially damage it. It is advisable to use dental floss to remove particles stuck between teeth or below the gum line. Your toothbrush may not reach such food debris, which could lead to plaque build-up.

See a dentist in Goose Creek if you think you are at risk for gum disease. About 25 percent of people between the ages of 65 and 75 suffer severe gum disease. Most adults may have gingivitis, or the signs leading to it, without their knowledge. Gingivitis may eventually lead to periodontal disease, which we normally call gum disease. Bacteria can multiply through time if you do not know it is already in small pockets between teeth or on your gums, so be smart about dental care as you age. Untreated gum disease may make your gums recede away from your teeth, possibly making your teeth less stable and providing entry for bacteria. You may lose teeth eventually if you do not see a dentist to address this problem.

Goose Creek family dentistry may offer solutions if you suffer from arthritis or other ailments, which may prevent you from brushing and flossing your teeth. Some special oral care products help arthritic patients practice oral hygiene with little or no pain. You may use an electric toothbrush to minimize hand and finger movements. Ask your dentist about other possible options and tips for making oral care easier despite your arthritis.

Visit a dentist in Goose Creek to detect signs of oral cancer. This may affect anyone over the age of 40, but you may be at a higher risk if you smoke cigarettes or frequently drink liquor. Red or white patches on your gums or tongue may be a symptom of cancer. Your dentist may perform a head and neck examination on a routine visit to check for signs. See a good dentist at least twice a year to protect your mouth area from possible health problems as you get older.
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