All in the Family

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In the span of Lucille's €working years', she has held a variety of positions ranging from working at an architects' office, where she met her husband to be, Office Manager for a chiropractor, top saleswoman at a computer broker, ran the front desk at a local Country Club, cleaning relatives houses, substitute teaching, an insurance company secretary, and several doctors' offices. €Retirement€ to a lot of people means a lot of different things. Even though she was €forced' into retirement because of her Parkinson's Disease, she tries to keep active in both the community and in her personal life. She did some volunteer work for the local animal shelter for a while, joined a water aerobics class, keeps in contact with many good friends, signed up for a €Dinner Eight' Club, inquired into driving the golf cart for their development, has get-togethers for lunch and dinner, loves to prepare real nice meals, especially desserts for her husband George, but recently has been helping out at a thrift store several days a week; as much as she can with all of George's meetings, appointments and only one car. Lucille has recently re-learned how to knit; is dying to try to make Root Beer Jelly; reads a paperback book in about 24 hours, and wants to get a part-time job driving the Courtesy Cart at the local hospital.

They try to see their children several times a year but it's difficult with them way out in California and busy with their professions. The good ole computer is a constant companion. They, too, try to come home occasionally. She's quick to say that her children are the €Best Thing she's ever done' and that they have George's intelligence and her sense of humor! Thank God it wasn't the other way around or they'd be in Deep Trouble!

Their two dogs, Petunia, an almost 10 year old Yorkshire, has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and has cataracts which made her blind in one eye - it seemed all of a sudden. She's beautiful, loving, golden haired, very smart, and knows about five tricks. Buster, a two year old mini miniature schnauzer is the most devoted dog to George they have ever known. He takes him everywhere in the car, to meetings. Looks like they will be the only €grandkids' - at least that they know of!

Lucille receives tons of jokes, news, updates, letters, notices, recipes, knitting patterns, etc, on her computer daily from past guests, old classmates, friends, co-workers, neighbors and responds accordingly. She also loves to play several games on the computer too (but don't tell George!) But most of all, she loves being all in the family.
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