Banner Advertising - Secrets to Making it Work

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Banner advertising can be the best way to get traffic to your website.
But unless you know what you are doing you can actually lose a lot of money doing it.
That is why I want to show you exactly how to make it work for you so you put tons of cash in your pocket and help lots of customers.
Secret #1: Start small and finish big.
This sounds simple but it is very important.
Don't just buy an ad on the most expensive site in your market and hope for the best! You need to find cheap ad space on good quality sites that you know if the small ad works you can buy a bigger one.
This is the best way to test a bunch of sites.
Figure out your budget and then figure out how you can test a number of small sites for that budget amount.
Once you find a winner, then increase the amount you spend with the sites that work and drop the rest.
Secret #2: Stay away from sites that have to many banners going.
Most people make this mistake and live to regret it! Don't advertise on noisy sites that you have to compete with a bunch of other people to get noticed.
Find sites that only have one or two ad spots on the page so you can get noticed and then clicked on.
It is a kind of a science that has to be perfected.
But once you make it work and crack the code in your market - banner ads can make it so you get more traffic then you ever thought possible for very little money!
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