Security System Coverage In Schools -a Growing Phenomenon

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A full security system used to be so prohibitively expensive that very few people could install them in their facilities. Advances in technology and manufacturing, however, have brought the price of CCTV security cameras down to more affordable levels.

Schools and educational institutions will find this to be quite advantageous, especially when they can reap these benefits:

Deter intruders and document criminal activity

The first and most obvious benefit of a security system is to scare off crooks and vandals while documenting any crimes that take place.

An alarm system can be set up in more sensitive parts of a school, like in student records or the accounting office. These can go off when an unauthorized person tries to break in. A CCTV security system, on the other hand, can capture solid video evidence of any criminal activity. This can be useful when investigating a break-in or something similar.

Prevent unauthorized entry

Overall school security can benefit from a very high-tech system: biometric locks.

These devices read fingerprints and often pair up with keys and/or identification cards. Keys can easily be copied or stolen, but fingerprints are much harder to duplicate. People can't resort to using lifted fingerprints as well, since high-quality systems will only recognize the pressure and feel of a human finger. Pair an alarm system to this lock to a wider wireless security system and you'll instantly know when someone's fidgeting around where they shouldn't.

Minimize bullying and violence

Bullies thrive when no authority figures are around, but they'll have nowhere to hide when the entire campus is protected by a surveillance and security system.

Even a dummy camera with battery-powered motors and lights is often enough to make bullies feel uncomfortable about picking on the weak. And just in case these students decide to do something in front of a legit camera, school authorities can use the video as evidence of their wrongdoing and take measures to prevent these cases from escalating.

Improve response times during emergencies

The faster school and security personnel react to an emergency, the better.

Every second counts during a fire, earthquake, explosion, riot or even a shooting. A surveillance and security system gives you 'eyes' all over the campus. This helps school administrators make informed decisions faster and with greater conviction. This can help save countless lives, especially when using a public announcement system to instruct students and faculty alike on what to do.

Make parents and students feel more secure

A security system composed of CCTV cameras, alarm systems and advanced biometric locks help make people feel more at ease.

These features pass a message to student and teacher alike, saying 'we care about student security and are willing to invest in it.' Enrollment rates and confidence in school personnel tend to go up as a result of these systems. This can sometimes be a very solid deciding factor for some parents, especially those that want to make sure their children have the best protection money can buy.

One last thing: buy your cameras, alarms and other items from a reliable wholesaler. Not only do wholesalers offer security system equipment at significantly lower prices, but you can also get a sizable discount when you buy this equipment in bulk!

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