How to Seal Cast Iron to Prevent Outgas

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    • 1). Remove the old seasoning from your cast iron cooking vessel. New cast iron pieces come from the factory with a seasoning layer already on them. This should be removed because in many cases it is actually wax, not oil. Use the scrub pad and dish soap to remove this layer. You will know it's gone when the pan no longer feels slick under your fingers when dry.

    • 2). Pour your food grade oil onto the paper towel and rub it in a very thin layer all over your cast iron. Make sure there are no drips or pools of oil on the surface of your iron.

    • 3). Place your cast iron face down on your oven rack, set at the halfway point of your oven, and place the aluminum foil or pan beneath it on your second rack. This is to catch any drips that may occur.

    • 4). Turn your oven on to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, or the highest temperature your oven will reach. When it reaches that temperature, turn your timer on for one hour. At the end of that time, turn the oven off and allow the cast iron to cool in the oven for two hours.

    • 5). Repeat Steps 2 through 4 up to three or four times, making sure each time to use as thin a layer of oil as possible.

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