About Crab Fishing

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    • Crab fishing is responsible for 20 percent of all crustaceans either wild caught or farmed in the world. Nearly 1.5 million tons of crab are consumed annually.


    • The most popular type of crab fished around the world is the horse crab. This type is also known as the gazami crab or the Japanese blue crab. 300,000 tons of horse crabs are fished annually, 98 percent of which are caught off the coast of China.


    • A number of different types of crab are fished around the world. These include horse crabs, flower crabs, blue crabs, snow crabs, edible crabs, dungeness crabs and mud crabs.


    • From 1999 to 2005, the amount of crabs caught or farmed increased by 262,574 tons worldwide. In 2005, 1,061,042 tons were harvested. By 2005, 1,323,616 tons were gathered.


    • Many of the crab species across the globe are ideal candidates for aquaculture. Most have a high tolerance to both nitrate and ammonia. They are also easily grown from the larva state.

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