Forensic Nursing Jobs - What Type of Opportunities Are There in Forensic Nursing?

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Now, assuming you don't know the reality of forensics off-set and out of the television studios, you might be a bit disappointed to know that real life forensics isn't as glamorous as what we see on prime time TV.
That being said, if you know you have a passion for forensics and nursing, a forensic nursing job could be exactly what you need.
But what's available out there and what kind of competition are you looking at? Forensic nursing is a very rewarding job that can earn you a great salary while fueling your passion for nursing, forensics and science.
These sorts of nurses typically deal in sexual assault cases like in cases of rape, and identifying suspects or offering counseling in many cases.
Some nurses investigate death cases or counsel at local schools even.
Obviously the occupation of a forensic nurse is diverse, and so is the pay.
There is no solid base pay for a nurse who is practicing forensic nursing, you may earn high hourly rates or a yearly salary-it completely depends on how and where you work as a forensic nurse (and if you set up a private consultation firm).
The good news? Forensic nursing is picking up steam, so if you find the competition for these jobs too competitive for your tastes or you don't have the qualifications to justify pursuing this job, the opportunities will only grow.
These types of nurses are needed in emergency rooms to gather and sort evidence, counsel victims and act as nurses when needed.
If forensic nursing sounds like something you're seriously interested in, don't be afraid to start up your own private consulting firm or seek out job opportunities for this growing and truly unique occupation-one that can help victims of abuse and fuel your passion for forensics, nursing and science.
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