Sculptures In Interior Decor

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While paintings and pieces of art add to the character of a decor scheme, sculptures, whether in stone, wood, metal, or even clay, have a special place, at times becoming the focal point of a room.
A large room can accommodate quite a few sculptures, most of them exotic, in various sizes as well as materials.
However, a small room would afford only small figurines placed attractively on a side table, on the mantelpiece, or tucked into a nook on the wall along with a large piece placed in a vantage corner that essentially acts as the focal point in the room.
Though metal sculptures appear more intricate and exquisite, stone as well as wood can prove to be equally exotic.
Placing clay figurines next to greenery gives an earthy charm to the setting.
These clay figurines lend warmth and cheer when placed at the entrance or the foyer along with a few potted plants.
Large-sized stone and metal sculptures are heavy and hence appear best when placed on the floor in a corner where they can draw attention.
Alternatively, if placed on a stool or a display board, the resting base has to be large and sturdy as well as attractive to complement the beauty of the sculpture.
These heavy sculptures can also act as focal points if placed in the large empty space under the stairs.
However, this space should be one that is visible from the living area where the seating arrangement is.
The sculpture would then have to be flanked with other pieces of art though care should be taken to ensure that it continues to be focus of attention.
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