Paintball Injuries - How to Treat a Paintball Eye Injury

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The most dangerous and potentially damaging paintball injuries are eye related.
So it is incredibly important that paintball eye injuries are treated quickly and properly.
There are two reasons why paintball's eye related injuries are the worst.
1- A human eye was not designed to withstand the force of a fired paintball.
Many of the modern paintball guns fire at a ridiculously high velocity.
A direct paintball hit to the eye can literally tear the human cornia.
2- The paint can chemically react with a human eye's biological fluid.
Most people do not know about this one.
But oftentimes, when a human eye is inflamed or damaged (Ie.
from a paintball) that eye can lose the ability to filter out unwanted substances.
One of the unwanted substances is paint, which is the cause of more paintball injuries than most people realize.
Most of the time, a paintball eye injury is a combination of these two factors.
Sometimes, if a player is lucky, he will not experience a chemical reaction.
Ways to Treat a Paintball Eye Injury As you read above, there are two separate paintball injuries to treat.
It is also important to note that these treatments are only for paintball eye injuries that are not severe.
If you have a serious paintball eye injury, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible! I do not mean to scare the paintball community..
but 1/5 paintball eye injuries result in the complete loss of an eye, and 1/2 of these injuries result in the permanent loss of vision.
So again, you should visit a doctor most paintball eye injuries.
However, if you are quite certain that no permanent damage occurred, then follow these two steps.
1- Chemical Damage - In order to prevent a chemical reaction in your eye, you should immediately head to a sink, and pour water on the damaged eye for a good 10-15 minutes.
Make sure that you have completely cleared out any chemicals that could be detrimental to your paintball eye injuries healing process.
2- Physical Damage - As soon as you can, you should cap your eye with either your own hand, or a cloth-like object.
We certainly do want to do this step as soon as we possibly can.
Your body has self repairing processes, and for your eye, the main biological process that heals is your tear ducts.
What you are hoping for is that your tear ducts will provide a lubrication and protection of the eye from further damage, as well as work towards soothingly reducing the pain.
In most cases, you can cap your eye right away, which you should cover until you get to a sink.
Unfortunately, paintball eye injuries force you uncap your eye during the washing process.
Which should be performed before eye capping for the long term.
play by play of paintball injuries.
1- Paintball hits your eye.
2- Cover your eye until you reach a sink 3- Flush out chemicals 4- Re-cover your eye 5- Consider calling the hospital
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