Yosemite Road Conditions - Know Before You Leave

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Since Yosemite highway reports are available on the web you should always check Yosemite highway conditions before you begin your holiday.
There are four main roads going into the park and all might have thoroughly dissimilar driving conditions so check for the exact route you are taking: Wawona, Tioga, El Portal or Big Oak Flat.
If you are entering Yosemite National Park from the northwest, you ought to check Big Oak Flat road conditions.
Entering from the west, look for Mariposa road conditions or El Portal road conditions.
Entering from the southwest, check Wawona road conditions, and from the east, you want to know the Tioga road conditions.
Yosemite National Park is positioned within the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Eastern California therefore similar to all mountainous places it is subject to very sudden variations in the weather during the year.
Always check the Yosemite driving conditions just before you start driving as well as whilst you are in the park.
Thunder and lightning as well as rain including snow storms can take place on the warmest of summer days in Yosemite Park but there's a lot of other events which could occur unexpectedly to alter Yosemite highway conditions.
Landslides, floods, and forest fires are not uncommon so it is advisable to keep checking and be prepared.
Very few visitors to Yosemite Park undergo any problems when driving in the park.
Then again, because requirements such as snow chains or road closures can occur you want to be following Yosemite Park travel conditions for the routes you will take in and out of the park as well as within the park itself.
A bypass has been implemented for a massive mountain slide that happened in 2006 on the western access highway just before El Portal.
This really is the sort of unforeseen and serious natural occurrence which can easily happen inside the mountainous abode of Yosemite Park.
Always be looking for animals and comply with the speed restrictions.
Lots of animals are killed every year within the park, especially bears, by speeding motorists.
If you see an animal immediately decelerate or stop to enjoy the spectacle like your fellow tourists will do.
Always exercise common sense, be acquainted with the Yosemite travel situation before you depart and do not permit the spectacular scenery as well as other hazards distract you from having a safe vacation.
Hints For Travel In Yosemite In The Winter Keep your speed down if you are driving with chains.
Normally under 25 mph.
At all times put on chains once a chain requirement is in effect or an official tells you to do so.
Correct windshield washer fluid won't freeze and you need fresh anti-freeze in your radiator.
You'll want to have excellent brakes, and working heater and defroster for winter Yosemite travel.
In addition get fresh wiper blades.
Good tires and a chain repair kit in addition to chains are required for winter travel.
A chain repair kit is necessary together with chains while driving in winter mountains.
Also have a look at your tires before you leave.
Are they accurately inflated and have ample tread.
A few minimal tools can be crucial like a spade and towels, broom, de-icer or ice scraper.
Always check that your tires are in excellent condition plus bring chains and a chain mending kit in the winter.
You can use only two gas stations in Yosemite Park and neither are in the valley therefore fill your tank at any time possible.
Fresh antifreeze and windshield washer fluid intended for freezing temperatures are required.
Allow for icy conditions on the highways.
Drive slower.
Stay back farther from other autos.
Know very well what to do if you begin skidding.
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