Lure Out the Trout!

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If you want to know how to fish for trout using lures, you first need to know how the trout behave in their environment and how this changes through the seasons so that you can mimic their natural prey as closely as possible using lures.
The depth that trout lie in the water will vary with the time of the year and the water temperature.
Using a spinner with a worm on and no weight to drift along near the bottom, will be most effective in early spring when trout are sluggish after hibernation.
Be careful not to allow the spinner to catch on reeds or rocks, a good tip to avoid this is to use split shot on the line to allow the spinner to remain in place briefly, luring the trout to bite, before drifting on.
As spring progresses and the water temperature increases it will be teeming with tiny bait fish, this is then a perfect time to change lure and try a spoon.
Spoons work by flicking through the water imitating a small bait fish.
Try a heavy compact spoon up to an inch long for good results in early spring.
If you want to imitate minnows, another natural food for trout, then you will need to use a larger lure called a Rooster's tail.
Between 3-4 inches in length with a lip one end and small tuft of hair at the other, these can move at varying water depths by adjusting the lip.
Trout fishing using lures brings at great pleasure and satisfaction to many trout fishing anglers, a heady mix of knowing your fish' habits and where they are in the water and then experimenting with a range of lures until you hook one! Learn more about lures and receive a free 'Trout Fishing Tips' mini-course by visiting my website in the link below.
Happy Fishing!
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