Strobe visor light - the perfect way to warn those in front of your vehicle

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What is a strobe light exactly? The true name of the light is stroboscopic light, but that is a bit of a mouthful so the term has been shortened to strobe. Strobe lights are defined as devices that can produce regular flashes of light. Interestingly the word strobe is derived from the Greek word strobos meaning 'act of whirling'. Any Strobe visor light would produce the flash of light emergency vehicles need to alert and warn. Internally the lights would be fitted to the passenger side of the vehicle normally.

Strobe lighting is mostly thought of as an external light on a vehicle but they can be used just as effectively inside a vehicle. Any Strobe visor light will be probably powered by the vehicles cigarette lighter, but can be wired directly into the vehicle if necessary. Obviously, any internal vehicle lighting is protected from the elements and will therefore provide reliability and durability. Internal Strobe visor light will last longer than any strobe light on the outside of the vehicle.

Strobe lighting originated in the 1930's and was used in photography at the time. The use of strobe lighting is many and varied. Strobe lighting is used in clubs and also in many industrial situations. Strobe lights are gradually being replaced by LED lighting but there still is currently a place for the Strobe visor light in emergency vehicles. Strobe lights replaced the halogen light in emergency vehicle warning lights. There are always advancements in technology but there also seems to be a place for the strobe light, in whatever circumstances it is used.

Strobe lights flash lasts around 200 microseconds but can be slower or faster depending on the use of the strobe. Some strobe lights can have a continuous mode and these provide a very high intensity light. A Strobe visor light is effective as they can give an extremely high intensity light, which will be seen some distance from the vehicle. Visor lights are used in the main to act as warning to those outside the vehicle. The benefit of any internally fitted light is that it can be run from the cigarette lighter of the car.

A Strobe visor light is still an important tool in marking emergency vehicles. The light emitted by the strobe is instantly recognizable and therefore more likely to be seen by pedestrians and other road users. The use of strobe lights is very varied and although they are slowly being replaced by modern LED lights, they are still a very effective form of warning light. A slowly rotating strobe light is probably the most iconic image of police, and EMT vehicles, and they are things that many of us have grown up with.

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