How to Unlock a Samsung SGH A877

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    • 1). Open your phone's keypad and type *#06#. Write down the IMEI number that's displayed on the screen.

    • 2). Contact AT&T's customer service department and request an unlock code. Be prepared to give the representative your name, mobile number and IMEI number. If the representative refuses to give you an unlock code, you can purchase one from an unlocking site such as, or

    • 3). Power down your phone and remove its SIM card, which is located underneath the battery. Insert your new foreign or prepaid SIM card in its place.

    • 4). Power the phone back on. Enter the unlock code that you received when your phone requests a password. If the phone says "Incorrect SIM Card" instead of requesting a password, enter "#0111*unlock code#", where "unlock code" represents the unlock code that you received from either a customer service representative or from an unlocking site.

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