Choosing A New Watchband Is Simple

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Tired of the same old watch band? But you like your watch? Why not consider a leather watch band replacement? There are many styles and shapes of watch bands, but many people did not know that. The following is a simple step-by-step walk through on choosing the best band for your watch.
First, there is the color. In leather, there is black, brown, and tan. Tan is not always available for every style, but it does strike out as being a unique color for leather that you do not find everywhere. Most watches look good with the black band because black tends to make the watch stand out. However, some people prefer the softer appearances that brown gives, so they choose brown for the color of their watch band. So find the color you like, and then you have eliminated some of your choices.
Secondly, there is size by width. Some watch bands have a width of 2 (6.4cm). That is quite broad, and if you have very small arms, it might be a little bit wide. For women and those that like smaller watch bands, there are watch bands with a width of just over an inch (2.5cm). One has to be certain that his or her watch is not greater than that width; otherwise, it might stick out and look a little bit awkward. So once you have the color and the width that you prefer, you have further narrowed your choices watch band
Third, there are watch bands with covers for the watch. Like The Level Collection watch band 503, which has a special cover over the watch face-to protect them against the elements. These watch bands are special in that the watch can only be seen when the watch band cover is pulled back. This is particularly good if one is doing sports or other activities that might potentially damage the watch. So again, if you need a cover, you have taken your choices down to just a fewand if you dont want a cover, the choices are still getting fewer.
Finally, there is style. The styles of watch bands range from the bold to the elegant, from the simple to the fashionable. The variety of styles will certainly meet the demands of the most finicky to that of the easy-going. Be yourself when you choose the style you like. Once you see the one you want, dont hesitatestyles change rapidly and what is available today may not be available tomorrow!
So take a look at your watch. Does it need a new face, or just a new base? If it is the base, choose The Level Collection for your starting point for leather watch bands. Use the criteria listed above and we are sure you will find what you are looking for. And when you find it, you will be happy to know that the leather watch bands last for a long time compared to plastic or other artificial materials. So type in, or use our other specialty wristbands, and type in and you will see a wide assortment of possibilities for your watch that you so love! For more information watch band visit here.

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