How to Earn Money from MLM Even Though You Don"t Have a Single Downline

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Are you thinking how you can do that? Aren't MLM's commission came from product sales of your downlines? Yes! There is indeed a way you can earn money from MLM even though you don't have a single downline.
Most beginners are absolutely doing sponsoring the wrong way.
They try to "spam" classified ads, forums or e-zines with their MLM opportunities with the hope that somebody will join their business.
This in not going to work! Ask yourself...
When you read classified ads or forums, do you bother to read about other people's business opportunities and you will go "Wow!" and join the business straight away? I bet you know the answer.
So what makes you think that other people will join you? This is common sense, isn't it? What you need to do is something called "funded proposal".
The idea is very simple but I am not seeing many networkers doing it.
You offer a low-priced but informative digital product that you can sell to your potential prospects.
The products can range from"How-To" reports, such as "How to Generate Free MLM Leads", to even audio interviews from experts.
In your sales copy, you need to set up an opt-in page where you can follow up with your potential customers.
You may need to ethically bribe them with free special reports, mini e-courses or something else that will benefit them so that they are willing to give you their name and email addresses.
During the follow up from your emails, you are communicating with your prospects and building up trust from them.
In the process, some prospect will buy your products.
There you go! You made a sale and some profits even though you don't have a single downline.
Now your potential prospects have become your customers and they know who you are.
You can continue to follow up with your customers by sending them informative newsletter of yours.
In the process, you can recommend the MLM business that you are in.
Since they know who you are now, they are likely to be less defensive and more open to your MLM business opportunity.
This is what the funded proposal is all about.
You create a product and sell it.
You made a profit and sustain your business.
At the same time, you follow up with your customers and build up a relationship with them.
After which they are more likely to do business with you.
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