Enlarged Breast in Adolescent Boys - Unhealthy Psychological Effects

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At the age of puberty, most adolescent boys develop awareness on their physical appearance.
The age of puberty in boys usually occurs much later than that of the girls however the emotional tension they accumulate within them is more than that of an adolescent girl.
It is more likely that adolescent girls become self-conscious than adolescent boys.
Too self-conscious adolescent boy is usually cast out from the social circle.
As a result, the emotional tension in these boys keeps on rising.
This is one of the reasons why more boys are prone to rebellious action.
Most adolescent boys react the same way as adolescent girls to physical change.
However, few adults realize this and want to understand this reaction.
With the media, people are brainwashed by the idea that real boys are not vain.
Since adolescent boys have difficulty opening up their problems to their peers and even family, they can't easily deal with their condition.
To an adolescent boy, enlarged breast or man boobs affects him greatly emotionally and socially.
Aside from acne, this can also raise the emotional stress of an adolescent boy.
Enlargement of breast is too shocking and dreadful.
This can ruin an adolescent boy social capability.
There are a few rare cases that adolescent boys with man boobs grow to be gay.
They let their condition control and dictate their lives.
Most of these adolescent boys become gay because there is no one to reassure them that this condition will revert after a few months.
Most adolescent boys can't accept the idea of having an enlarged breast.
These boys often resort to violence because of their condition.
They would keep too much emotional tension that they could pop in any minute now.
For these teens, teenage years are very crucial years to make social network.
Hence, they hide the cause of mockery and ridicule and one of this is enlarged breast.
In boys, pubertal gynecomastia happens at the age of ten or twelve and it will occur to 40% of adolescent boys.
Imbalance of hormones is one of the factors that cause pubertal gynecomastia.
The hormones will balanced out after few months and years so the symptoms of pubertal gynecomastia will also revert without needing treatment and surgery.
However, there are instances that enlarged breast won't revert back after three years.
One of the instances is when the breast diameter is at least 4 centimeters.
If this happen, it is better to seek medical attention before other emotional and social impacts arise.
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