How to Decorate Your Home for Thanksgiving

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It's almost Thanksgiving, which means it's time to start decorating your home for those turkey eaters that'll show up on your door step come November 28th. In this article you'll find home decorating tips using pumpkins, fall leaves and wreaths as well as ideas for Thanksgiving-themed sweet treats!

Creating an Inviting Autumn Nest


Halloween just passed, and you may still have some lonely, un-carved pumpkins sitting around your home. Turn those Halloween pumpkins into Thanksgiving decorations with a few easy tweaks. Use gold or silver metallic spray paint, applied all over the pumpkin (stem included), let dry and then seal the color with clear spray. These pumpkins will look great with any gold or silver candle holders or silverware on your Thanksgiving table. Place small white pumpkins on a long, slender piece of finished wood along with some pinecones, autumn leaves and berries to create a beautiful tablescape. Another great way to use pumpkins in your Thanksgiving decorating is to tie or wrap dried branches and berries around them to spruce €em up with an autumn touch.

Fall Leaves

Fall leaves are gorgeous, so bring their beauty indoors this year. Buy a nutmeg, pumpkin pie, cinnamon or other fall-scented candle and gather the most colorful leaves you can find. Melt the candle wax and dip the leaves into it for a glossy, wonderful-smelling finish! Put these in the bathroom or sprinkle them around your home. You can also use fall leaves to create leaf glass jars for candles. Dry and press gathered leaves by putting them between newspaper pages and throwing a few heavy books on top of them. After a few days€"depending on how dry the leaves were when you collected them€"your leaves will be ready. Smear Mod Podge (an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish) over the sides of the jar, avoiding contact with the bottom and lid grooves. Place your dry leaf in the spot desired, then brush more Mod Podge over it. Continue the process until you have as many leaves as you want on the jar. Let the jar dry thoroughly, apply a second coat of Mod Podge, let it dry again for several hours, then spray it with acrylic spray. Once it's dry (for good this time!) you'll have an awesome, leaf-accented jar to use as a decorative candle holder!


Wreaths are great decorations for inviting guests into your home. This Thanksgiving, buy a Styrofoam wreath and tie bits of tulle in fall colors around it, filling the open spaces by gluing on pinecones, fall leaves and plastic squashes or pumpkins. You can also create a Turkey wreath by covering the Styrofoam in dark brown fabric, then tying red, orange and yellow bits of tulle around the top 3/4ths of the circle to create feathers. On the brown part of the wreath, glue on Styrofoam balls for eyes with black circles for pupils, a yellow-painted Styrofoam cone for a beak, and a bit of red fabric draped over the cone for a gobble. Lastly, you can simply glue fall leaves to a wreath, leaving them as is or spray painting them gold to add a shiny touch.

Sweet Thanksgiving Treats

Thanksgiving-themed delectables are adorable and easy to make. Create pilgrim hat snacks by sticking an upside-down, mini peanut butter cup to a chocolate cookie using peanut butter. Apply frosting where they meet and add a dot of it to the peanut butter cup to create a belt-buckle. Leave these as is or place them on top of a cupcake! For a turkey dessert, stick a Nutter Butter cookie to a peanut butter cup. Next, stick candy corn to the top of the cup using frosting. Also apply frosting to the front of the Nutter Butter and stick on M&Ms for eyes, candy corn as a nose, and a red jelly bean as a gobble. These turkeys are almost too cute to consume! Make a healthier snack by slicing up both green and red apples, arranging them skin-up on a plate in a semi-circle, then placing a circular dish filled with caramel dipping sauce in the center. Plop two chocolate chips in the caramel sauce for eyes and a piece of candy corn for a nose to create an apple-caramel turkey!

Whether you're hosting the family Thanksgiving meal or simply want to get in the spirit of giving thanks, these tips will definitely spice up your home, filling it with seasonal decorations, delicious smells and mouth-watering goodies. Have fun building your autumn nest and Happy Thanksgiving from HouseHunt!

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How to Decorate Your Home
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