Keeping Your Brain Healthy Is Easy With These Nutrients

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If you're anything like me, you want to know all you can about keeping your brain healthy.
After all, it's a big part of a healthy life.
You may know there are many tricks to a healthy brain-from keeping your mind active by learning new things to eating the right foods.
Since your nutrition affects everything in your body including your brain, let's look at that.
It may come as a surprise to you to consider you might be nutritionally deficient.
But nutritionists say chances are good that you are.
If you eat the typical American diet of processed convenience foods, your body is likely suffering from too much of the "bad fats" and not enough of the good ones.
"Good Fats" are Key to Keeping Your Brain Healthy Nutrition experts say you need omega 3 fatty acids.
And, the typical American diet is woefully inadequate in this department.
Here's why you need them.
Omega 3 fatty acids contain three types of essential nutrients-ALA, EPA and DHA.
DHA is a fundamental building block for your brain.
In other words, these omega 3 fats are the stuff your brain is made of.
If you don't get enough, your brain isn't able to work at it's best capacity.
Symptoms include: • Forgetfulness • Depression • Inability to Focus • Chronic inflammation • Higher risks of heart attacks That's just for starters.
Scientists link a lack of enough DHA to Alzheimer's, heart disease and even ADD.
DHA is crucial to keeping your brain healthy! How Can You Get These Omega 3's? Eat more whole foods, especially walnuts, spinach and squash.
These have high levels of omega 3 fatty acids.
But they don't all include DHA.
Fish is your best source for that.
The American Heart Association recommends eating fish 2-3 times a week to get the nutrients you need.
If you're concerned about mercury, eat smaller fish.
Sardines and herring are bound to be cleaner than large fish like swordfish.
You can also take fish oil supplements.
1000's of doctors recommend them because they can be purified and they're simple for people.
However, not all fish oil supplements have high levels of DHA.
You'll need to read the label to be sure.
You'll also want to know what kind of fish was used to make the supplements so you know how clean they are.
Fish oil has high levels of omega 3-particularly that brain requirement, DHA.
Keeping your brain healthy requires the right nutrients.
Now that you know this, please visit my website where I share more about brain health and nutrition through omega 3.
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