How to Build a Motorcycle Cargo Trailer

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    • 1). Construct the frame for the trailer. Cut pieces of 1/8-inch-thick steel into three pieces that are 2 inches wide and 25 inches long, plus two more pieces 48 inches long. The long pieces will form the sides, while the short pieces make up the front and back, with a crossbar in the middle. They can be bolted or welded together, but make sure the frame is even, level and square.

    • 2). Attach a trailer tongue that you can get from a boat or trailer parts store. Bolt or weld the tongue to the trailer frame. Make sure it runs straight down the middle of the frame, intersecting with the front, back and crossbar and making a perfect cross.

    • 3). Lay the frame down so the tongue is on top (the trailer is upside down at this point). Bolt two more 48-inch-long steel pieces to the frame on this side, placing each one perfectly between the tongue and its corresponding side edge.

    • 4). Measure the entire length of the trailer frame and tongue combined. Mark the center of this length, then mark the spot 12 inches away toward the trailer frame. This spot is where the axle must be attached.

    • 5). Connect a trailer axle to the frame. The axle needs to be 40 inches long, so shorten it if necessary. Position the axle assembly so the axle rod is in the position you measured earlier. Weld or bolt the brackets (the pieces shaped like parentheses) to the side edges. Attach wheels and that will fit the installed axle.

    • 6). Place a deck onto the top side of the trailer. A sheet of plywood can work, but expansion steel can handle more weight. Bolt the deck onto the frame.

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