How to Tell If You Have Candida

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    • 1). Fill a glass with clear, clean water and place it on your bedside table. Use the cleanest water available, either filtered water or bottled water.

    • 2). Spit into the water immediately upon waking. Do this before brushing your teeth, taking a drink, or putting anything into your mouth.

    • 3). Check the saliva after two or three minutes and note its appearance. Healthy saliva will remain clear and float on top or dissolve into the water. If candida is present, the saliva may develop strings that sink into the water. You may also notice a cloudy appearance or the presence of cloudy specks floating in the water.

    • 4). Continue to check the appearance of the saliva every 15 minutes. The more cloudiness, strings, or specks, the more candida is present. The faster these characteristics appear, the greater the degree of candida overgrowth.

    • 5). Complete a health history and symptoms questionnaire such as the one in Dr. Farlow's article How to Test Yourself for Candida on Certain factors in your health history, diet and lifestyle will help you determine if you are at risk for candida overgrowth.

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