How to Stop Tree Stump Regrowth on a Fence Line

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    • 1). Secure the largest drill bit you can find into your hand drill. In many cases, the largest drill bit is a half-inch bit, which will work.

    • 2). Drill 10 to 15 holes through the top of the stump with the hand drill. Drill down as far as the drill will allow. Drill more holes if you have the room.

    • 3). Fill the holes with hose water, then pack the holes with a fertilizer high in nitrogen. Use the fertilizer with the highest nitrogen level you can find.

    • 4). Soak the area around the stump with the garden hose, then place a plastic tarp over the stump.

    • 5). Cover the plastic with organic mulch and wet the mulch with the hose.

    • 6). Remove the mulch and plastic weekly, remove the old fertilizer and pack in new fertilizer. Before placing the plastic and mulch back over the stump, wet the stump and the area around it. Repeat this process until the stump decays and starts to break apart.

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