4 Disastrous Mistakes Men Make in Bed! You Must Know This Before It"s Just Too Late For You

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Men like to experiment more in bed as compared to women, especially in the initial stages of the relationship.
Women however are quite insulted with men's attitude as they feel they are treated as playthings.
It is very important to avoid common mistakes men make in bed in order to establish a strong relationship.
oThe first thing to be remembered is that women need a strong emotional comfort and a feeling of support before getting bold physically.
They like to know their partners well enough before venturing beyond a stage.
It is therefore vital not to rush into things and enjoy a relaxing, appreciative and comfortable relationship with her initially.
oAnother mistake most men make men in bed is to neglect setting up the right ambiance for the woman to feel comfortable.
Before trying to show off various positions, it is in your best interest to allow your partner to voice her opinion.
You are sure making a drastic mistake by trying to force various techniques and positions on her without her consent on enjoyment.
Take her permission first before you try anything new.
oWhen she is on top of you, don't just lie there thinking she has to do everything.
This is another common mistake men make.
Make sure you assist her in her efforts and movements and caress her lovingly with a passion that will help her reach orgasm repeatedly.
oDo not be aggressive.
Most men think they are the ultimate resource for a good sex and tend to be aggressive.
It is your duty to be aware of her desires and comfort.
Just because you want to penetrate deeper, don't make her get into awkward positions.
Remember to take care of her comfort and enjoyment too as you try to get maximum pleasure out of the intercourse.
Avoid making these mistakes and you can be sure to enjoying a long lasting and enjoyable love life with your partner.
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