The Flexibility of Choice of Material for Plumbing Pipes and Fittings

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Copper prices have been on the rise. However, copper pipes and soldering are still as popular as before –they account for an impressive 80 percent of the materials used on the plumbing and pipe repair market. Professional plumbers know the reason why these materials persist. Copper is a material which has its very strong points. It is solid and it is really durable, and it has another advantage too, strong integral jointing. Durability and reliability have maintained copper's popularity with plumbers through large periods of time.


Now let us have a look at the downsides of copper. One such downside is the cost of the material, because as was pointed out above, the price of copper is going upwards. That is a tendency that is likely to persist, and it can be expected to become even much higher.


Another downside is the attractiveness of copper for thieves. There have been many instances of theft of copper pipes from warehouses, from installations, etc. The replacement is a costly task, and losses are massive in financial terms.


It should be noted that there are very few cases in which copper plumbing or copper jointing has had failures. But when such failures occur, they can be especially grueling in areas which have hard water. The reason is that there is corrosion setting in, and as a result, there are instances of pin holing inside pipes, resulting in leaks, and hence incurring expenses for repairs. The follow up visits after repairs add to the costs and form really disconcerting amounts of money spent on repair and inspection.


The expenses that accumulate cannot be estimated exactly – the reason is that copper price varies, and it can be one at the start, when the job on repairing is quoted, and end up being another price when it is time for the issuance of the final invoice. When the expenses soar, they become especially challenging for small businesses or for sole traders.


There is a possibility to have more auspicious solutions for the long term period: by means of the reduction to the minimum of unplanned costs. For the purpose, the choice of plumbing pipes and of the fittings is crucial.


Fitters are finding a way out with the choice of other, cost effective products, such as plastics. The market offers the Push – Fit option; its benefits are clear, it is easily obtainable; when Push – Fit solutions are fitted correctly, they are reliable. But in reality such cases of right fitting are not frequent, and when joints have not taken good hold, hazards of leaks occur. It should be underlined that some local authorities only consider bids for plumbing works made in the area on condition that such options are not used.


There is yet another option for plumbing pipes and fittings: there is a multilayer composite form plumbing system. However, in all cases professionals in the area should decide on the right option, to be certain that the hazards of problems will be avoided as much as possible.
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