How to Send Gifts to Missionaries

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When a missionary leaves on a mission he leaves most of his possessions at home and packs all he will have for the next two years into two suitcases.
Mormon missionaries are not allowed to see or talk on the phone to family members (except for a phone call home on Christmas and Mother's Day), but they can receive letters and packages.
Missionaries love to get stuff in the mail, especially when it's a gift from someone back home.
If you have a gift you want to send to a missionary the best option is to go through the post office.
You are allowed to send mail to missionaries at their address.
Due to transfers, it's important to make sure you have the right address for your missionary so the gift doesn't get lost.
In some foreign missions it is better to send packages to the mission home where the president lives.
Then the president or AP can deliver to package to your missionary.
You want to make sure that whatever you send your missionary isn't too large or heavy.
Remember, your missionary only has two suitcases and move around as often as every six weeks.
So you do not want to send a gift that is too large or bulky.
Another thing to keep in mind is that your missionary has a companion that they are with at all time, so if you are sending a treat be sure to include enough to share.
Your missionary's companion will be very grateful.
There are some companies that will do same day delivery to the Missionary Training Center in Provo.
If you live in Utah and your missionary is at the MTC, you can send them a gift that can get to them within 24 hours.
This is a good way to send homemade goodies or maybe there is something your missionary forgot to pack and you can get it to them that way.
The best thing to remember that your missionary is out there working hard and any sort of gift from home will brighten their day and help them to remember the great support system they have.
Put together a small package, make sure you have the correct address, and then go to the post office and get it send out.
You're missionary will be so grateful.
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