An Introduction to Loft Living

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If you aren't considering a loft in your real estate search, you are definitely missing out on a wealth of opportunity. Lofts are a fantastic investment and provide comfortable, unique living spaces.

Lofts are flexible spaces that tend to attract artists and young professionals, although the space can be adapted to suit the needs of anyone. Like any form of real estate, the price, size and style of lofts vary greatly, along with their function.

There's a lot of irresistible charm to the traditional-style lofts, which are essentially converted warehouses or factories. When adapted, these spaces make fantastic lofts, often boasting brick walls, exposed beams, high ceilings, large windows and a charming, vintage style. These lofts often have a style that requires minimal belongings and often favour multi-use furniture pieces, like coffee tables that double as clothing drawers.

Traditional lofts tend to be a favorite for individuals looking for studio space, which is why they have a reputation for attracting artsy and eclectic groups of people. From fashion designers to woodworkers, artists in all forms benefit from the open space and natural light of a loft.

But a new era of lofts is evolving as well, with lofts being converted to feel more like condos and apartments. The new wave lofts often feature rooms divided by drywall and an array of modern amenities, to create a hybrid old-meets-new appearance that is sophisticated and stylish.

In a market that is continually favoring open-concept living, lofts are the perfect opportunity to design versatile spaces. Because lofts start off as large rooms without pre-constructed walls, the opportunities for development and enhancement are endless. There are a lot of creative ways that people have converted these spaces into some of the most attractive residences in the world.

In fact, lofts are such great real estate spaces that developers have started mimicking them in new buildings. Many recently built residential spaces have been built to look and feel like lofts. Referred to as "new lofts", "soft lofts" or "condo-lofts", these living spaces tend to have high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows complemented by modern amenities and design. They follow the architectural concept of traditional lofts but exist in a brand new space.

Loft homes tend to be favored in larger cities, concentrated in older, historic neighborhoods but the real estate base has expanded globally and lofts can be found in most urban centers. Some places that are known for phenomenal loft living include New York City, Los Angeles, Kansas City and Minneapolis.
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