Sinus Infection Disease - How to Fight Sinus Infection Disease

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When there is an inflammation of the cavities around the bone of the nose the condition is called Sinusitis or sinus infection disease.
Blockage in the nasal passage results in the trapping of mucus in the nasal passage.
The sinus walls feel tremendous pressure causing pain and discomfort.
The treatments may vary depending upon the cause of the sinus infection.
From the symptoms it is possible to decide about the appropriate treatment to provide relief and also prevent recurrence.
Causes of sinus infection disease Allergies may cause inflammation and block the nasal passages obstructing the drainage of mucus.
Growth of tissues called nasal polyps may restrict the nasal channels.
The wall between the nostrils called septum when deviated may block the sinus passage.
Conditions like cystic fibrosis, HIV are other causes.
Home remedies There are plenty of proven home remedies to get rid of mild sinus infection disease and the early stage of sinusitis.
Steaming the sinus cavities has been found very effective in numerous cases providing relief from blockage.
Mentholated preparation can be added to aid the opening of the clogged passage ways.
You can inhale steam using lemon or peppermint leaves from a bowl of hot water draping a towel around your head.
Taking a hot shower and breathing the warm and moist air can help in diluting the mucus.
Fomentation with a hot damp towel around the sinus areas can also relieve facial pain.
Drinking lots of hot tea or beverages helps in diluting the mucus secretions.
Avoiding alcohol can help in reducing the swelling in the nasal areas.
Stay in environments devoid of allergens and pollutants.
Drinking plenty of water and hot fluids provides some relief in irrigating the nasal passages.
Taking Vitamin C daily can also help.
  • Nasal steroid sprays and oral steroids in severe cases work well in fighting the sinus infection disease.
  • Nasal saline, decongestants and mucus-thinners
  • Antibiotics should be taken for a full course of 14 days.
    Longer course may be needed in chronic cases.
  • If nothing of the above works in alleviating sinus infection disease Endoscopic Sinus surgery is recommended.
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