How to Eat With a Mustache

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      Cut food into bite-sized pieces to avoid a messy mustache.Nick White/Photodisc/Getty Images

      Cut food with a knife and fork so it can be neatly inserted into your mouth. Directly biting into food is a surefire way to end up with crumbs or sauce in your mustache.

    • 2). Keep a napkin handy while eating to remove crumbs and food sitting on your mustache. Give your mustache a few swipes in a downward motion, rather than rubbing around, which will push the crumbs further into the facial hair.

    • 3). Comb your mustache after eating to remove food particles. If sticky sauce, juice or stains from food remain in your mustache, wash them out with warm water and shampoo. Rinse your mustache thoroughly with a wet washcloth, then pat it dry with a clean towel.

    • 4). Trim your mustache regularly to keep its length above your upper lip. By keeping facial hair off your lips and mouth area, you prevent food transfer to your mustache.

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