Placenta: Natural Substance for Anti Aging and Longevity

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According to the record from an ancient Chinese masterpiece, the placenta was dried and made into powder or buried under the soil in order to obtain its decomposed substance for nourishment or as anti-ageing formula. In his quest for immortality, Shi Huang Ti had discovered placenta extract as his ultimate secret formula.

In the search for immortality, many preparations used the umbilical cord as their main ingredients.


In ancient Japan, one of the most treasured medicines found was contain placenta and its therapeutic effects were very potent for strengthening the body, relieving fatigue, slimming and other chronic diseases. In the Japanese tradition, the placenta and umbilical cord from childbirth were used as offering on the altar. When the baby was suffering from any acute illness, the placenta and umbilical cord would be used as medication.


The placenta is also mentioned in details in their famous medical encyclopedia. As a whole, the placenta is found to be very effective for relieving fatigue and prevent ageing. It is excellent for eliminating anxiety and fear. It is also being valued for its ability in strengthening and invigorating the body.

Western Countries

The placenta was being used as natural medicine in the ancient Greece era. Cleopatra, the consort for Louis the IVI who lived in France in the eighteen century and the legendary beauty Marie Antoinette had long known about the healing effects of placenta.

Recent Celebrities

The popular actress for the famous film "Roman Holidays" and comedy King Charlie Chaplin were able to have their child at the advanced age of seventy. This had astonished the world and aroused widespread interest on the therapeutic effects of placenta.


All mammalians, irrespective of wild or tamed animals are able to use the placenta and umbilical cord from birth to strengthen their mother's body and enhance the nourishment for lactation.

Recent Research

For the last century, three Russian professors (PROFESSOR PAVLON, PROFESSOR SPERANSKY, PROFESSOR FILATOV) and a renowned Japanese medical professor had conducted more clinical research on placenta and as a result, they developed the revolutionary treatment by using placenta protein preparation.

Placenta Protein Preparation

The placenta protein preparation was developed in Japan through many years of research and development and it enjoyed a leading position in the world. The treatment currently adopted by Japanese hospitals consists of the ingestion and injection therapy as well as oral medication.

The Incredible Functions of Placenta

The fetus does not possess all the necessary organs for its existence during the pregnancy period and hence it has to rely on the mother's body for the nourishment it needs and the placenta acts as its intermediary, that's why placenta contains every nutrition needed to promote cell growth.


To improve the metabolic process for protein and amino acid and also breaking up of glucose to produce energy. In this respect, the placenta plays the role of a liver.

Respiratory Function

The fetus is unable to respire with the external oxygen directly. Hence it must go through the placenta to exchange the required oxygen with carbon dioxide through the mother's blood. The function is akin to the lung of a human body.

Excretory Function for Metabolic By-products

The fetus cannot discharge the metabolic by-products by itself. The by-products are channeled to the placenta for processing and this is similar to the function of kidney for an ordinary person.

Producing Hormone

In order to maintain the normal body function during pregnancy, essential hormones must be produced and made available through secretion. During the initial period, the placenta stimulates the mother's ovary to produce hairy glands and this enhances the secretion of female hormone. In the final stage of pregnancy, it secrets the hormone for ovulation automatically and this is akin to the function of the pituitary gland and the ovary.

Immunity Function

The fetus does not possess any immunity against diseases. Therefore, it has to acquire the antibody from the mother's body through placenta.

Other Functions

The numerous benefits of placenta are beyond the scope of modern medical science. If an organ akin to placenta could be manufactured by artificial means, it will certainly become a great discovery for the world. Unfortunately modern medical science is still unable to do this but more research is being done.

Placenta's Traditional and clinical function

Placenta's major functions are as follow:
  • Promotes the rejuvenation of cells and strengthens the function of all internal organs.
  • Stimulates the production of blood.
  • Regulates the voluntary action.
  • Restores the normal function for hormone secretion.
  • Enhances the growth for mammary gland and improve lactation.
  • Promote the growth in babies.
  • Healing of wounds and accelerate the formation of serum.
  • Promote circulation of blood.
  • Improves urinary function.

The following effects are clinically proven:
  • Restores youth quality (prevent aging).
  • Prevents the hardening of liver.
  • Prevents and improve bloating, rashes, black spot and freckle.
  • Improves the effect of anemia.
  • Relieves biological disorder.
  • Relieves diabetic conditions.
  • Revitalize the body during illness and after recuperation.
  • Enhances the healing of skin membrane and wounds.
  • Relieves cold feet and piles.
  • Relieves kidney ailment.
  • Relieves hypertension.
  • Relieves the inflammation for stomach and duodenum.
  • Relieves gum disease.
  • Relieves constipation.
  • Eliminates body odor.
  • Invigorates the body.
  • Improves sexual desire and prevent impotence.
  • Strengthens the body resistance against diseases.
  • Prevents abnormal skin inflammation.
  • Reduces body allergy.
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