Repotting A Yucca

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    • 1). Plan to repot the yucca plant in the spring season. Obtain a pot one size, or 1 to 2 inches, larger than the present pot. Only use pots with drainage holes and drainage trays to prevent overwatering the yucca.

    • 2). Cover the drainage holes of the new pot with a piece of wire mesh, paper towels or old coffee filters. Add 1 to 3 inches of soil to the bottom of the pot. Use a well-drained cactus-soil mix or equal parts of course sand and loam.

    • 3). Remove the yucca plant from its container by turning it upside down. Gently tap the edge of the pot on something to loosen the soil if needed. If you still have trouble removing the plant, try again after watering it thoroughly. If the plant is large, have someone help you remove it.

    • 4). Place the yucca in the new pot with the roots spread downward and out. Use the hand trowel to add or remove soil from beneath the plant until it rests at the same height in the new pot as it did in the old one.

    • 5). Fill the area around the yucca plant with additional soil leaving a space of 1 inch or less from the top of the soil to the rim of the pot for watering.

    • 6). Water the yucca plant thoroughly to settle the soil around the plant’s roots. Add more soil, if needed after watering, then remove leftover water from the drainage tray.

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