7 Self Improvement Secrets of the World"s Most Successful People

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Do Success Secrets Really Exist? Absolutely! Here's a short list of traits or "secrets" that successful people use to reach their goals.
No one principle here will catapult you to amazing achievements, but when combined, you'll be unstoppable.
1) Can you really think and grow rich? Think and Grow Rich is one of my favorite success books of all time but let's face it, you can't think and grow rich.
But thinking in a positive light about what you want to accomplish, combined with these other traits, is a powerful tool for becoming as successful as you'd like.
And if you've read Napoleon Hill's book, you know he doesn't recommend sitting around thinking about being rich.
Most definitely not.
If you've never read Think and Grow Rich, you must do so.
Or grab a copy of The Science of Personal Achievement Audio program by Napoleon Hill.
It will change your life.
2) Take Responsibility for Your Actions.
This has become a lost art in today's culture of 'blame everyone else for everything wrong in your life' but the cold hard fact is that no one is responsible for what you do or don't do but you.
Yes, bad things happen beyond our control.
But how we react to those things is completely under our control.
Don't let yourself use excuses as a crutch for not fulfilling your promises and potential.
3) Focus, Focus, Focus! Don't let other people or things distract you from what you want to accomplish with your life.
Go for it and let nothing stand in your way.
4) Get Educated.
Never stop learning.
Go back to school, read books, listen to audio tapes, get training and acquire the skills you need to reach your goals.
5) Be Persistent and Work Hard.
Success is not a sprint.
Success is not easy.
Don't bale out on your goals.
Too many people give up before they get where they want to go.
Don't be that person! 6) Write Down Your Goals.
You gotta do this.
Figure out your goals, write them down, develop a plan to reach those goals and then TAKE ACTION on that plan! 7) Take Action! Take Action! Take Action!! This is last on the list but most important in your success.
Without action, absolutely NOTHING ELSE MATTERS! Where is your action? What have you done today to get you closer to your goals? Have you been forgoing taking responsibility for your own actions, and letting excuses keep you from achievement? What are you going to do differently, starting RIGHT NOW, that will have you taking action on a persistent, consistent basis? If you aren't seeing the results you want, I'd wager that a lack of action is the problem.
The first six "secrets" on this list are 100% worthless without a lot of number seven.
You gotta take action! And you gotta do it all the time! Put together a "plan of action" so that you can immediately implement the strategies.
You will not be successful unless you TAKE ACTION and apply the things that you learn.
Make a commitment to yourself to set aside the time you need to take action on the things that will make you successful.
When you combine taking action along with techniques on how to use the laws of attraction your success will skyrocket.
What's your action today?
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