Buenos Aires Flights - Greatest Tourist Attractions in the Land of Tango

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Buenos Aires is popular travel destination in Argentina. The city is best known for its tradition of Tango, a dance form that is unique to this part of the world. Visiting tango shows are among the top things to do in Buenos Aires. Florida Street is a great place to watch tango shows for free. You may want to learn this typical dance form in the land of its origination and practice the same when you come back home. Restaurants serving delicious foods abound and there are places for a good shopping experience as well.

When it comes to sightseeing, Buenos Aires boasts of quite a few unique attractions. Vacationers planning to book Buenos Aires flights will be delighted to know that they are actually visiting the city where the first outdoor museum came into being. The cult of Evita Peron continues even after several years of her death. Visit the Recoleta Cemetery to pay obeisance to this great lady and several other leading personalities of the nation.

Top Tourist Attractions in Buenos Aires
Some of the major attractions of Buenos Aires may include the following:

• Plazo De Mayo: Probably the place most visited by tourists taking Buenos Aires flights is Plazo De Mayo. Located centrally, Plazo De Mayo offers a quick access to the popular tourist attractions of the city. The Casa Rosada, which serves as the official residence for the president, is the most famous attraction located here. The old Cabildo and the Metropolitan Cathedral are other important attractions found on Plazo De Mayo.

• The Recoleta Cemetery: It is claimed that no graveyard in the world is as beautiful as the Recoleta Cemetery. Moreover, it also brings to life the history of Argentina. Most of the leading personalities – presidents, dictators, legends, heroes, or scoundrels – are buried here. The greatest of them all is certainly Evita Peron, who is known as the spiritual leader of the nation. Take Buenos Aires flights and see here a gorgeous display of sculptures and architectural masterpieces.

• Caminito: The world's first outdoor museum is known as Caminito and it is located in the working class neighborhood of La Boca in Buenos Aires. The museum is a great place to observe some of the art masterpieces of the city. The entire museum has been designed in a strong Tango theme. Find here tango cafes, arts and crafts.

• San Telmo: Spend a day observing some of the best specimens of vintage Spanish architecture at San Telmo. You will love the place as it is full of interesting restaurants and nightlife. Walk leisurely along the cobblestone streets to find several antique shops. Visit Plaza Dorrego when the sun sets and witness a giant tango dance called a milonga. The place is filled with arts and crafts booths, so you can have a great time indeed when visited here with Buenos Aires flights.

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