The Red Light Errors

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There is hardly anything that exists that does not have design flaws.
Just like every other gaming consoles the Xbox 360 has errors originating from the producers.
that is Microsoft.
Here I will discuss in a nut shell the red ring error.
The Xbox 360 has various errors, and the red light errors are just a few of such.
The errors are -single red error, double red lights error, triple red error and the four red ring error.
The red lights are those that are seen in the power ring, they replace the normally green lights around the power button when there is a fault.
The lights are capable of glowing in red instead of green colors.
The single, double and the four red ring errors can be easily solved in comparison with the triple red error.
The 3 red ring error...
This error can be solved by adding an additional intercooler or by taking away the X clamps from the motherboard.
The ultimate aim of carrying out such an operation is to provide additional cooling to the console.
The console can be repaired at the Microsoft service center but you'll need to have a valid warranty for your console.
If you don't have one, you will pay over $125 to get your console fixed by Microsoft.
However, you be maid to wait for 4 to 12 weeks to get your console back from Microsoft.
So to fix this problem, you should fix it up yourself by using a repair guide.
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