Adventurer Truck Campers - The Perfect Camping Solution

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Adventurer Truck Campers
More than any other form of recreational vehicle, the slide-in camper is about finding adventure. Maybe that is why Bill and his family love their Adventurer truck camper so much.
Army Buddy Gone Soft?
Too be honest, I never really figured Bill to be the RV type. When we were in the service together, Bill was one those nuts who looked forward to going out in the field. A few of us were happy to get to play with the equipment that the taxpayers were kind enough to give us, but most of the unit would have been perfectly contented to stay on post to do maintenance and admin stuff and get to go into town at night. Not Bill. Even if we were stuck sleeping in the mud and eating MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat; one title, three lies), Bill was perfectly happy knowing that he would be outside for a few days.
It seemed as though there was nothing the weather or the Army could do to dampen Bill's spirits, and the more rugged the conditions, the better he liked it. Until he Tina. The first time Tina went camping with Bill, before they were married, she made him haul three suit cases and a huge tackle-box that had her make kit in it. I am pretty sure that it was Tina who had the idea of getting the Adventurer truck camper, not Bill, the guy who would have gone through a typhoon with just a poncho and a couple packs of cheese crackers.
Adventurer Truck Camper Luxury
Even though it is several times as luxurious as the barracks room Bill and I used to share, Tina assures me that the Adventurer truck camper is is very much Bill's baby. Well, obviously, camping is much more Bill's thing, although over the years Tina has become an accomplished fly-fisher-woman, and their daughters are not afraid to bait a hook. Tina laughs that staying in the Adventurer feels like being a guest in a very masculine domain.
Bill keeps his Adventurer truck camper stocked and ready to roll. He likes to claim that it is part of his €…€bug out plan€. If €…€the big one€ ever hits, all he has to do is back under the rig, lock the tie-downs, and he and the girls are ready to get out of town and out of trouble. I think the real reason he is so prepared is that he is afraid there will be a chance to go camping and he will miss it. Most of Bill's friends have gotten a call at sometime saying the weekend's big project got pushed back; want to go camping?
Of course, even if the weather is skunky, staying in Bill's Adventurer truck campers is not a bad thing. It is a little cramped with five people inside, even with the slider extended. Bill has outfitted the rig so that it is comfortable, and there is no better way to spend a rainy weekend than sitting around the dinette, playing cards and laughing about old times.
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