How to Create a Loop Deck in "Yu-Gi-Oh!"

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    • 1). Assemble the key cards used to facilitate the "Quillbolt Loop." Use Quillbolt Hedgehog, Imperial Iron Wall, Mass Driver, Cannon Solider, Toon Cannon Solider, Catapult Turtle and any Tuner Monsters to set up the strategy. Summon Quillbolt Hedgehog to the field (from the Graveyard) through its special effect, using a controlled face-up Tuner Monster on the field. Set the Trap card Imperial Iron Wall on the field to secure Quillbolt Hedgehog, and Tribute your active Tuner Monster for the special effect of Cannon Solider or Mass Driver.

    • 2). Create a good strategy to gather all the "Quillbolt Loop" cards onto the field and in your hand. Exploit Quillbolt Hedgehog's effect to summon Synchro Monsters onto the field to "thin out" your deck faster. Activate the effects of the Sangan and Giant Rat Monster cards to find Quillbolt Hedgehog within your deck, and use the Trap card Foolish Burial to quickly send it to the Graveyard for Special Summoning.

    • 3). Fill your deck with cards facilitating the setup of the Quillbolt Loop. Stock your deck with plenty of Tuner, Fusion, and Synchro Monsters. Pick these Spell cards to adequately support the strategy: Inferno Reckless Summon, Burial From A Different Dimension, Hand Destruction, Emergency Teleport, Double Summon, Messenger Of Peace, and Future Fusion. Use the following Trap cards to help set up and defend the loop: Graceful Revival, Gravity Bind, Fake Trap, Limit Reverse, Imperial Custom, and Ultimate Offering.

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