How to Bind a Strap Hinge for a Scrapbook

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    • 1). Lay the strap hinge scrapbook flat on the table. Arrange the pages in the order you want them to be viewed and set them on the right-hand side. Align all the strap hinge pages so that the small mounting staples on the top and bottom of each page are lined up.

    • 2). Pass the plastic strap that is attached to the cover up through all of the lined-up mounting staples on the top and bottom of the pages. Then pass the straps through the mounting staples on the strap hinge. Make sure the hinge is positioned so the mounting staple is on the left side and the two slits in the hinge are over the arranged pages.

    • 3). Fold the straps to the left and pass them up through the holes on the interior of the front cover. Fold the strips back to the right and slide them into the first slits on the plastic hinge. Push the straps downward as you slip them through the slits so that they run underneath the hinge. Then fold the strips back to the left and tuck them into the second slit. Pull the strips to the left to tighten them and secure the pages in the scrapbook.

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