How to Set Shrimp Skimmers

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    • 1). Attach the rope to the boat and the skimmer. Use the clasp to link the rope and skimmer.

    • 2). Tighten the large floater to the skimmer rope. Place the large floater on the rope to the depth of the water.

    • 3). Throw the shrimp skimmer overboard. The shrimp skimmer drags near the bottom of the water source.

    • 4). Sail the boat and continue to set the shrimp skimmers. Reverse the boat and sail along the same route.

    • 5). Find the large floaters and retrieve the lines with a long stick with a hook attached. Drag the floater towards the boat and pull up the shrimp skimmers.

    • 6). Pull the shrimp skimmers on deck and remove the shrimp caught in the skimmers.

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