How do I Request a Credit Freeze Online for Georgia?

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    • 1). Visit, or Navigate to the area of the site that allows you to request a security freeze. For Equifax, this is the "Fraud Alerts & Freeze" section; for TransUnion, it's the "Identity Theft" section; and for Experian, it's the "Identity Theft and Fraud Protection" section.

    • 2). Fill out the online form requesting a security freeze on your credit report. You must provide your name, date of birth, Social Security number and current and past addresses (within the last five years). Click "Submit" when you are finished.

    • 3). Enter your credit card information. You must pay by credit or debit card to place a security freeze online. Under Georgia law, the fee for this service is $3 each ($9 for all three agencies). Select "Submit" to request your security freeze.

    • 4). Print out your confirmation number when it appears on the screen and keep it for your records. In the event of a future dispute, the confirmation document proves that you requested a security freeze.

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