The Best Alternative for Collagen Elastin Lotion

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Aside from taking good skin care of your face, of course you want to have a take good care of your body too.
The most common misconception in taking care of the body's skin is the use of the collagen elastin lotion.
This lotion will never work in your skin.
Why? This is because the ingredients of that product are synthetic collagen and elastin.
These collagens and elastins are obtained from a part of a cow, chicken, or pig.
These man-made collagens and elastins can be effective if they are injected.
But if you will apply them topically, you will never get any results at all.
The reason is because your skin is too fine to absorb the dense and huge molecules of these synthetic products.
So when you apply your collagen elastin lotion, it will never work.
It will just wait for you to wash it off.
This is the reason why you should never invest your time, effort, and money in buying these products.
Instead you should be wise enough to know that there are other skin care products that can help you achieve the skin you always want.
For instance, you can use skin care products with natural ingredients called Cynergy TK?.
This ingredient is proven to be safe and effective.
It is obtained from the extract of sheep's wool that comes from New Zealand where farmers are chosen who will raise their sheep to strict stands to ensure exceptional quality.
Because this extract contains Functional Keratin?, Cynergy TK? can enhance the body's natural production of collagen and maintain its natural levels.
It can make your skin beautiful and young looking without wrinkles and fine lines.
Another ingredient that you should consider in your body lotion is the Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10.
This is a form of coenzyme Q10 that also will stimulate the body to produce more collagen to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
Coenzyme Q10 contains antioxidants that will fight free radicals and the damage they do to the skin.
Oxidation from free radicals is a huge reason why our skin shows the signs of aging.
Active manuka honey is the ingredient I like in the body lotion I use.
My night cream also contains in.
This honey contains antioxidants also to remove free radicals.
It also is an antiseptic, has anti bacterial and anti-viral properties.
All of these reasons combined with the fact that collagen elastin lotions won't work is why I use what I do.
If you aren't seeing results with what you now use, check the ingredients and see if any of the above substances I listed are included.
Besides those the only other one I know that works to produce more collagen is avocado oil.
If you find you have a collagen elastin lotion that isn't providing the results you want, you might want to check out a different product.
I am very happy with the one I use.
You can find by checking out my website listed below in the bio section.
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