Video: Grilled Tuna With Cherry Tomatoes

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My name is Larry Leibowitz director of culinary operations for Guckenheimer. Today, I'll be making grilled tuna with cherry tomatoes. I've got a few ingredients here, I've got a piece of Ahi tuna, cherry tomato, red onion, garlic, fresh basil. First I'm going to make the cherry tomato salad. I'm going to take some cherry tomatoes and I'm going to halve them. Here's a nice little trick. Take the two tops of take-out containers, place a few cherry tomatoes, replace the lid on top like such, and now I'm just going to cut sideways right through. With one motion I have all my tomatoes cut. That's going to go into my work bowl. Next I'm going to take my garlic and I'm going to break off one clove. A good way to get this out of the papery skin is just take the side of my knife, quick smash. Now I'm going to mince the garlic. Once I've got a rough chop I find that if I add just a little bit of salt, it helps to keep the garlic from sticking to the blade as well as to the cutting board. OK. I've got my one clove of chopped garlic, add that to the bowl. Next I'm going to take my red onion, going to cut off the sprout ends, keeping that root end in tact. Cut in half, now I'm just going to peel that outer papery skin on the outside of the onion. Now I'm going to dice the onion, making a series of slices, I'm going about two thirds of the way back careful not to pierce that root ends. One horizontal cut and now I'm just going to go straight down dicing that onion. I'm going to use one teaspoon of red onion. Now I'm going to take my basil, for leaves. What I'm going to do is I'm just going to roll them up, and now slicing right through I'm going to get these nice ribbons and add that to my mixing bowl. The salad's almost complete, going to season it with a little bit of salt, some fresh cracked pepper, a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, a little bit of white vinegar. I've got my beautiful piece of tuna here, going to take some extra virgin olive oil, with a pastry brush I'm just going to brush the outside of the tuna, both sides. Then I'm going to salt both sides of it and add some cracked black pepper. I'm then going to take it over to a hot grill, and I'm going to grill it for one minute on each side, flipping it to get some cross marks. For rare tuna grill on each side for one minute. Half way through turn it one quarter turn for beautiful grill marks. And that's the grilled tuna with cherry tomatoes. Thanks for joining us. I'm Larry Leibowitz, director of culinary operations for Guckenheimer.
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