Water Party Games

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    Dribble, Dribble, Drench

    • Play this game like "Duck, Duck, Goose" and have all the party guests sit in a circle outside. Select one guest to be "it" first. "It" walks around the circle with a small bucket of water and says "dribble," while dribbling water on the players' heads. When "it" says "drench," he pours the small bucket of water on a single player. That player gets up and tries to catch "it" before he sits back in the player's spot. If "it" makes it to that player's spot, then that player becomes the new "it."

    Water Limbo

    • Play limbo with a water hose instead of a bar or stick. Use the water hose to stream a line of water that party guests have to limbo under. The player who can get the lowest without touching the water wins the game.

    Water Balloon Toss

    • Make several water balloons before the party starts. Have all players divide into teams of two. The teams should stand facing each other, about five feet apart. Give each team a water balloon. The object of the game is to throw the water balloon back and forth to one another without breaking the water balloon. After each throw, the teams must take one giant step away from each other. The team who can toss the water balloon the furthest distance without dropping it wins the game.

    Tug O' Swimming

    • Play this wet version of tug o' war with a medium-sized plastic pool in the middle of two teams. Divide the teams up into two even groups and have each team get on one side of the rope. When you say, "go," the teams try to pull the other team into the plastic swimming pool.

    Toe Freeze

    • Fill a medium-sized plastic swimming pool with water and ice cubes. Have two players at a time stand in the swimming pool. Put two small bowls on the outside of the pool (one for each player). On, "go," each player must try to pick up as many ice cubes as she can, using her feet only. Each player has two minutes to put as many ice cubes as she can in her bowl. The player with the most ice cubes wins the game.

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