Upside Down Tomato Garden - Grow Tomatoes Without a Garden

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For those with very limited growing space they can dedicate to a garden, the upside down tomato garden is a fantastic choice.
This nifty design will allow you to grow juicy, delicious tomatoes in any setting.
Whether the only space you have is a deck, patio, balcony, or terrace, you can easily grow tomatoes.
The way the upside down tomato garden works is rather than planting the plant in the ground, you are going to utilize a hanging planter and allow the plant to grow out from the bottom.
Hanging planters are easy to find and relatively cheap to purchase.
You can find them in all sizes and they are ideal for this purpose.
The only thing you will need is the plant and potting soil.
With this design you will find that the hassles of maintaining a normal garden are not a problem now.
You won't have to worry about weeding, tilling, and so forth.
When you growing season is over you can just store your planter until next season.
Many people find that they grow larger tomatoes when using an upside down planter.
This is due to the fact that water is more accessible to the roots because of the planter design.
You can purchase a kit or make your own upside down tomato planter.
It really isn't that difficult to craft on your own.
Most people prefer to use a large bucket and a few other cheap materials to create the planter.
But if you don't mind spending a few extra dollars, the work can be avoided by purchasing a premade kit.
These are usually more decorative too! You will need to take care to use fertilizer.
Select one with a low nitrogen level.
Since this is a self contained unit you will need it to provide the nutrients necessary for the plant to thrive.
Aside from fertilizer, the only other maintenance you will need to perform is watering.
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