Locked Out Drivers May Come Under Financial Pressure

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Those motorists who lose their keys or find themselves locked out of their car could well be coming under financial strain, a recent study has intimated.
In research conducted by Britannia Rescue, some three million drivers (ten per cent) have been left trapped outside of their vehicle as a result of losing their keys and not having a spare set, which in turn has seen them face "a more costly lock-out".
Overall, an estimated 16 per cent of drivers have permanently mislaid a set of car keys at least once in their life.
And with some 2.
8 million adults not owning spare keys at all, the firm states that the 445,280 people who have had to replace such items have had to shell out a total of 89 million pounds.
As the cost of replacing the typical car door key is currently four times higher than ten years ago, those who have lost the item could be set for a rise in financial pressures which may extend to struggles in servicing other areas of their finances such as tax, utility bills and loans.
Presently getting a new key designed, created and programmed will set drivers back by an average of about 200 pounds, however motorists owning either a Ford Focus or a Nissan Micra may witness even more trouble with money in terms of making loan repayments and meeting numerous other demands for spending, as replacement keys for these models cost 266 pounds and 326 pounds respectively.
Commenting on the study, Martin Milliner, spokesperson for Britannia Rescue, said: "Accessing vehicles built since 1998 is generally more time-consuming and expensive for drivers due to the introduction of increasingly sophisticated alarms, immobilisers and shielded locks.
The cost of getting back behind the wheel could really rocket if work is needed on the ignition or security system as well, but one clear way of avoiding this issue is to look after your spare key and keep it in a sensible place.
" He added that the company receives "many call-outs" from those who have lost their keys and need help getting back into their motor vehicle.
Mr Milliner added that "some common but unsuitable places" in which consumers keep their spare set of keys include handbags, glove compartments or on the same ring as their main set.
As a result, those drivers who are concerned that the various costs associated with maintaining a motor vehicle may cause them to struggle financially may wish to consider taking out a low-rate loan to help them meet such costs.
In recent research carried out by Sainsbury's Bank, the typical car currently costs some 2,259 pounds to run every year - up by 2.
6 per cent from the same time 12 months ago and ten percentage points higher from figures recorded in 2005.
With expenses continuing to rise, applying for a cheap loan could be a useful way for borrowers to pay off various debts quickly and so help to free up more disposable income.
In addition, the firm reported that fuel is the largest demand on spending, as it costs drivers 1,211 pounds every year.
Consequently, motorists were advised that ensuring they shop around for insurance may help them to "dramatically reduce their motoring costs", with this in turn possibly helping them in their ability to make loan payments.
Those looking to purchase a car, meanwhile, may be advised to take out a low-cost loan as doing so often proves more cost-effective than opting for a garage showroom deal.
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