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Press Release on SEO

The Press Releases, also known as communicated to the press, are great allies in optimizing websites for search engines (SEO).

These releases, when well made, has the power to direct qualified traffic to your site, increase visibility and improve the image of your company, give more credibility and authority in addition, of course, improve the SEO of your site.

But for all this to happen you must first know what is and what the role of a Press Release. And many are confused with their thinking that their definition a Press Release is only one item, promotional material, or a field sales or marketing oriented.

First, a Press Release is a journalistic news and thus must be impartial and objective way of writing simple. It is necessary that your content is interesting for the public, who want to read it and thus worth being published.

Remember that your Press Release to be published on blogs, media and related sites is necessary for journalists and bloggers to adopt. And for this to happen, be careful with "tone" promotional exaggerated and try to focus on something really informative to arouse the reader's attention.
How to Write a Press Release

Press Release on SEO

Besides the basic guidelines, such as not being biased, no hype and clichs, a press release should contain:

Title: written in a clear and objective, describing what will come next as a story in a newspaper. Think of writing a title that not only attracts the attention of your readers, but also the attention of journalists.

Home: Again try to attract as much attention as possible within the first sentences of your press release. Summarize early on that this is the text below with short sentences and straightforward.

Real facts: Do not forget to mention the facts, ie, a press release should be drafted in order to provide some real fact. For example, an event, a promotion, a product, service, design, results.

Do not forget to mention "What?" "Who?" "Where?" News. Structure your press release in a manner that addresses the above items, the way segunte: Title>> Summary>> What: event, product, design, promotion, etc.>> Who: the people involved>> Where: location of the event>> Objective News>> News Source (company information).

At the end of Press Release, add your business information such as company name, address, phone, emails and address of the company's website (link on the company website).

So with well-written press releases and consistently, and the ability to generate buzz, they can quickly increase the positive exposure and traffic to your site, in addition to increasing its relevance in search results that will certainly boost your business as mine (Acompanhantes).
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