How to Build a Beryllium Model

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    • 1). Paint the 4-inch diameter foam ball in one solid color. Paint the second 3-inch diameter foam ball in a second solid color.

    • 2). Label the large foam ball with "N 5" with a black marker for the number of neutrons this atom contains. Label the medium sized foam ball with "P 4" for the number of protons it contains.

    • 3). Glue the two foams balls together using the glue gun to make the nucleus at the center of the atom. Let the glue dry completely.

    • 4). Paint the four ping pong balls a third solid color. Label one of them with "E 4" to represent the four electrons of the beryllium atom.

    • 5). Cut a piece of wire that is approximately 12 inches long using wire cutters. Bend the wire to form a circle. Glue or thread two of the ping pong balls on the wire. Close the wire circle by twisting the wire ends together and taping them securely.

    • 6). Cut a second piece of wire that is approximately 14 inches long. Glue or thread the remaining two ping pong balls onto it, and bend the wire to form a circle. Close the wire by twisting the ends together and placing tape over it. The two wire circles represent the electron orbits of the atom.

    • 7). Assemble the beryllium model by placing the two foam balls in the center of the smaller wire circle. Use a straight piece of wire to attach the first wire electron orbit to the nucleus by twisting one end around the wire circle and sticking the other end into the foam ball. Repeat with the second, larger wire circle to finish the beryllium model.

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