Single Mom College Grants

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So you're a single mom who wants to go to college, right? In my twenty years working as a financial aid officer in college, the number one issue single parents have when it comes to college is, unsurprisingly, paying for college.
College is expensive, regardless if you are a single parent or not.
However, it's possible to get a college degree when you are a single parent - but it takes more work and planning on your part.
The first thing you want to look at is how to pay for your education.
Your education will likely be paid with a combination of your own money, federal loans, and financial gift aid.
You want to make sure that you only seek out loans when you absolutely have to.
I've seen many young, single mothers looking to pay for their education as a single mother through federal and private student loans.
This made it significantly easier to focus on studies because the loan aid was enough that the full cost of college education was coverage.
However, after college these women experienced severe financial difficulty.
Why? Because they didn't realize how difficult it would be to cover the cost of loan repayments and paying for the bills.
Loan repayments can be several hundred dollars a month.
This can cut deep into your living budget.
The best way to avoid this problem is to actually get some sort of grant aid to supplement your loans.
The more free grant and scholarship aid you can get, the less money you will actually need to borrow for your loans.
So only consider federal student loans as your last resort.
You will find it much easier to scrape together the finances to pay for college as a single mom by making some concrete plans first.
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