How to Copy Xbox 360 Games Flawlessly

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In many households, adults and children now spent equal amounts of time gaming.
For many adults, this raises the issue of how best to protect the games that both they and their children love.
Children after all aren't known for their tender care of most items, and don't fully grasp the importance of keeping something as delicate as a DVD in perfect shape.
This is where the ability to copy Xbox360 games comes in handy.
Upon purchasing a new game, you can instantly make a backup copy to tuck away somewhere so that in the eventuality that the original copy is damaged, you have a perfect backup from which another backup can be made, and then used.
Making copies immediately after purchasing the game is one of the most important things you can do.
After all, making a copy of a damaged game will result in an identical copy of that damaged game, which is of no use to anyone.
So lets detail how to copy Xbox 360 games so you can begin making flawless copies of all your most recent games.
Firstly, you need a DVD drive on your computer to be able to read the disc.
Any DVD drive will do, it does not need to be a special drive.
While your DVD drive would naturally not be able to play Xbox360 games, it can read the data from the disc (it just doesn't have the necessary tools to make use of that data), which is all you need it for.
Lastly, you'll likely want to use an image file program to help properly dump the image.
You can get such programs through sites like everything4360 com.
These programs are specifically designed for dumping 360 games, and know how to properly utilize the data as its being dumped.
The dumping process will likely take some time, so grab yourself a refreshment and wait it out.
Once its been dumped, you should have a nice shiny.
iso file which can then be burned onto a blank DVD or dual-layer DVD.
Another method for copying games directly from your Xbox 360s hard drive works like this.
This method requires that you've already soft-modded your Xbox 360 (which will be a requirement to play your backup games at any rate, so is something you should certainly look into), and have access to several other tools and homebrew programs, including FlashFXP, Qwix, and a custom dashboard.
Connect your Xbox to your PC and boot up your Xbox360.
You should see several different drives available on your computer at this point.
Open the Qwix program and scroll through the D drive, which is where any games on your 360 HD will be stored.
When you've found the one you want, choose it and click Create ISO.
That's all there is to it.
Copying Xbox 360 games is a relatively simple prospect that can save you a great deal of time, money, and heartache when it comes to your games.
Now that you know how to copy Xbox 360 games, you should have no fears of ever losing another game again.
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