Finesse Games for the MetroPCS

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    Aqua Bubble

    • Aqua Bubble is a colorful puzzle strategy game. Game players must help "Aquatic" by destroying the aqua bubbles that are crashing down on him. You must point and shoot groups of aqua bubbles to burst them. The Aquatic character provides bonuses and warnings as well. Your goal is to earn the highest score possible.


    • Soduku is the Japanese number puzzle that has swept the nation. In the game, you are provided with nine adjacent boxes stacked three by three, each with nine smaller boxes contained inside. Each box must have a number one through nine. However, no two boxes in a larger box may have the same two numbers. No two numbers in the same vertical or horizontal line may be the same either. You are provided some fixed numbers to start and must complete the remaining boxes to win.

    Sack Smasher

    • In Sack Smasher, you must hop around and destroy the green gnomes with your massive sack. The game can be very addictive as you try to smash all the gnomes as fast as possible. Do not smash the pink gnomes though because they will cause you to lose points. Use your the left and right arrow keys to control the movement. Your objective is to score as many points as possible.


    • Almost every Finesse game has now incorporated a social functionality. Whether its twitter, facebook, myspace or your blog, you can share your game downloads with your friends and the wider Internet. You can also view what your friends are playing and their downloaded popular games yourself. Discuss and strategize with your friends about the best ways to win the games.

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