How To Write A Top Blog

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Blog emerged and grew in early nineties since then it has been a platform for people to express themselves in various ways. Blog is a website where an individual or a group having common interest record their views, information etc. regularly and share them with the world. In early times blogging was similar to writing a personal diary but recently blogs got their new meaning, today they are used not only for sharing personal views but has also for commercial purpose. Writing a blog is easy if we remember a few points while writing a blog.
Communicate to correct group:
Make sure your blog is read by everyone possible but majorly to those who are most related to the field of your post. Example: if as a scientist you are posting a blog then make sure that the blog readers have interest in science and can relate to the blog.
Catchy title:
Blog should have a good hooked title so that it gets peoples attention instantly and it should also be related to the central idea of the blog.
Central idea:
The blog should have a central idea and should be informative. The best blogs are written in understandable and simple manner so that any common person and read it.
Blog should be well spaced:
Too long blogs are less read as people compared to the blog that is written in concise manner and yet is informative.
Interest till end:
People easily losses interest in long blog so if writing a long blog make sure it is written in effective manner so that it gets readers eyes and interest till the end.
Positive attitude:
All the remarks and comments should be taken in positive manner by the blogger. Even top blogs have a few negative comments but bloggers always maintain positive attitude and continue their writing.
Self-interested topic:
Write a blog in which you have deep interest and you know a lot about it so that you can believe what you have written.
Link with website:
Linking with an entrenched website can give you an edge over others and a good start to your blog.
Learning programming language like HTML and also strong English grammar can be helpful to a blogger.
There is a never ending list of suggestions which can help you write a best blog and everyone have their views about writing a top blog but these are the main points with which you can start writing a blog and from there on you can gain more readers and modify your writing with personal experiences and can write a top blog.
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