How to Educate Board Members on Solicitation Ethics

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    • 1). Educate board members on the essentials of solicitation ethics. Prepare a "Solicitations Ethics" orientation package for the board members to ensure they have all the relevant information. When dealing with a delicate issue like solicitation ethics, assume your board has no background information. Begin with the basics.

    • 2). Schedule solicitation ethics workshops. Depending on the organization, it could be a weekend retreat or a series of meetings each Wednesday evening for a month. Or you could address one of the issues of solicitation ethics at each board meeting. Encourage discussion and debate about solicitation ethics.

    • 3). Invite a lawyer or former board chairperson to discuss solicitation ethics with the board. For new members it can be initial training and for long-serving board members it is a review.

    • 4). Test the board members' knowledge of solicitation ethics. Present case studies or use role playing to determine how well people understand the legal and conceptual framework of what is permissible and what contravenes an ethical and, in some cases legal, position.

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